Travel Tips – Learn and Practice to Handle Emergencies

An accident or mishap can steal all fun of the trip. However, if you have a predetermined course of action to handle emergencies and follow emergency travel tips, you can not only avoid accidents but also reduce the impact of an accident.Travel Tips for Preparing for Handling EmergencyYour best friend in case of an emergency is your mobile phone. Try to keep a mobile handy with you. Contact your mobile company and ask if they provide international roaming facility. Always keep a list if important local phone numbers like Police Station, Hospital, Tourist help line and US embassy in your mobile address book as well as on paper.Travel Safety Tips when Separated From a GroupIf you are lost away from your group, do not panic. Use your phone to contact the travel agent, who in turn will contact the group leader and help you to get you back to the group.Travel Tips to Cope With Road or Rail AccidentsGasp a few breaths and start thinking on the plan to get out of emergency should you meet with an accident. In case of accidents and physical injury, call for help from local people and passerby. Contact US embassy and inform them about the causality. They will release official orders and local administration will be duty bound to help you out. Use your mobile and inform your friends and relatives about the accident.Safety Tips for Senior Citizens when Caught On Gun PointCriminals threat seniors and weak people with guns and knives. When on the gunpoint of goons, try to follow what they ask for. The best option is to give away your valuables and money rather than risking your life. Senior people should not be tempted to fight back in a foreign country, as there can be hidden accomplices.Women’s Travel Safety Tips when On Risk of RapeThe worst thing that can happen with women is rape. Carry some protective sprays and devices to help you threaten the assaulter. However, if you are not able to resist, try to minimize the harm. Maintain your calm and mental balance. Try to observe things, numbers, and faces that could help you in identifying the assaulter and reporting the matter to the police.Travel Safety Tips amidst Riots or Terrorist AttackIf you are caught amidst riots or terrorist attack, look for a safe hiding place and keep hiding until it is safe to move out. Use your mobile phone to contact police or US embassy and explain the situation to them. Inform about your hiding place and seek help.

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